Supergirl season 3 episode 11 trailer, images and synopsis

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Jan 16, 2018

All the preview info for the next episode of Supergirl awaits you here…

Welcome to our Supergirl nerve centre, where we’ll be dishing out all the news you need about the currently-airing third season of The CW’s Kara-centric series. We’ll have trailers, sneak peeks, promotional images, interview nuggets, casting info and maybe even a few spoilers here and there – don’t worry, we’ll warn you if they’re coming up.

We’ve got a massive stack of images from the next episode of Supergirl, which we’ve added to our gallery above. Just click on the main image up there to have a flick through them!

And here’s the trailer for next week’s ‘Fort Rozz’…

And the synopsis…

As Reign (Odette Annable) continues to terrorize the city, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) teams up with Saturn Girl (guest star Amy Jackson), and the two recruit Supergirl’s former enemies, Livewire (guest star Brit Morgan) and Psi (guest star Yael Grobglas), to form a team for a mission to Fort Rozz to recover a prisoner who has information on how to defeat Reign once and for all. Meanwhile, Alex (Chyler Leigh) babysits Ruby (guest star Emma Tremblay).

More as we have it.

Supergirl season 3 release date

Supergirl season 3 started back up on The CW on 15th January. Sky1 are likely to resume broadcasting it soon.

Supergirl season 3 trailers and clips

Ahead of new episodes landing, producer Andrew Kreisberg recently took us through a little of what we can expect when the show returns…

There’s also loads of spoilery stuff in the Arrowverse Super Season trailer, including brand new Supergirl clips…

Here was our first real look at the darkness Kara has to face in Supergirl season 3, straight out of SDCC:

Supergirl season 3 showrunner

Just a quick update to our Supergirl season 3 news hub, here: the series is getting a new showrunner.

Deadline reports that season 1 and 2 showrunner Ali Adler is shifting into an executive consultant role, with Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner stepping into the breach as co-showrunners. Andrew Kreisberg, who created the show with Adler, remains on board as another co-showrunner. 

Adler has signed an overall deal with CBS (The CW’s sibling network, where Supergirl first aired), and will work on projects including Dynasty

Queller and Rovner have both worked on Supergirl since season 1, in a number of producer-y roles, so this shouldn’t be too drastic of a change.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

Supergirl season 3 cast and crew

This section contains spoilers for the Supergirl season 2 finale. 

At the end of Supergirl season 2, we saw another baby leaving Krypton the day it exploded. She was sent to Earth, with a view to “reign”, by a group of shifty-looking scientists.

Fans quickly worked out that this new addition to the show would grow up to be Reign, a biological weapon from the comics.

Reign’s comic book backstory – Kryptonian scientists create her as a super-powerful ‘Worldkiller’, then send her out into the galaxy without any real instructions – looks set to be recreated on screen.

And now we know who will be playing the adult version of Reign in Supergirl season 3: Odette Annable, who you might recognise from Cloverfield, Banshee or House MD, has nabbed the role.

“Greg [Berlanti] and I have wanted to work with Odette for years,” said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. “We are beyond excited to have her join our cast in the scary, powerful and heartbreaking role of Reign.”

It’s been revealed that Bloodsport will be among the villains giving Supergirl a tough time of it in season 3 of The CW’s show.

The Hashtag Show have gotten hold of some brand new casting details and character breakdowns for the third season, which appear to confirm that the Superman villain and heavy Lex Luthor influencer will be popping up, along with Reign and Morgan Edge, who we already know will be played by Heroes star Adrian Pasdar.

Here are all the new details…

MORGAN EDGE – Male, 40s, Open Ethnicity. As corrupt as he is intimidating, he intends to clear the area one way or another, and he has enlisted the services of a madman to blow up the area during a special ceremony in Supergirl’s honor. This savvy and formidable titan of industry is pushing through a huge new redevelopment plan for the city’s waterfront – and he doesn’t care if he has to uproot the entire indigenous immigrant population to implement his money-grubbing scheme.  RECURRING GUEST STAR

ROBERT DUBOIS/BLOODSPORT – Male, 30-40s…Looking for memorable, and distinctive performers.  This evil and threatening Merc is an ex-military man who has infiltrated his former base and stolen a variety of articles that he uses to cloak an underwater nuclear device.  As we later learn, he is in the employ of Morgan Edge, and he has been hired to blow up the waterfront with an underwater nuke…PRINCIPAL

GAIL MARSH – Female, Late 20s, early 30s, Open Ethnicity.  The deadly and seductive PSI (aka Gail Marsh), a DC Comics foe of Supergirl, possesses psychic abilities which allow her to bring out her victim’s darkest fears.  While she is a physical threat, her real power comes in bringing the Girl of Steel to her knees without throwing a punch.  LEAD GUEST STAR

SAMANTHA MARCH/REIGN – Female, late 20s to early 30s.  Diverse.  Samantha is a professional, young single mom (Trying to balance work and life), who begins to struggle to hold onto her humanity when an alter-ego, Reign — ruthless, righteous, superhuman — begins to take over her personality.  Most important in Sam’s life is her young daughter, Ruby, who Sam would sacrifice everything to protect.  ONE SEASON – FRACTIONAL SERIES REGULAR.

RUBY MARCH – Female, Caucasian or Latina, 11 to 14.  Smart, sensitive, funny, but a bit of an outsider with her peers.  An independent think who doesn’t like to follow the crowd.  She’s fiercely loyal to her single mother, Sam (Odette Annable) and the two make a great team, looking out for each other and enjoying each other’s camaraderie.  But Ruby’s not shy about speaking up for herself – even to her mother – when she feels she’s in the right.  MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR THIS SEASON WITH A SERIES REGULAR OPTION FOR NEXT SEASON.

Production is already underway on the third season of Supergirl, so we’ll no doubt see the rest of these major players cast in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to see who’ll be appearing as Bloodsport.

Carlos Bernard, whose ever-changing facial hair in the real-time concept show 24 always had us guessing which side he’d land on and how evil he might’ve become between seasons, will be joining the cast of Supergirl, it’s been reported by TV Line.

The actor is always fantastic, whatever the weather, but in The CW’s Supergirl he’ll be starring as Maggie’s strict conservative dad. A cop just like Maggie, pop Oscar Rodas disapproved of her lifestyle and sexuality, and the family had a bust-up, ending with Maggie being forced to leave the family home. It looks like they’ll be reuinited in season 3, with tensions sure to rise.

Floriana Lima, the actress who plays Maggie, is said to have had her role reduced in the upcoming season, which has upset some fans of the show.

“Any character people love is not there as much as people want them there,” executive producer Greg Berlanti remarked at the Television Critics Association summer press tour recently. “[But] from my perspective, we will use her as much as we can.”

“She’s wonderful on the show, and she’s got some real ardent fans, as she should,” he went on. “We wanted more of her, but she’s got other things in the hopper, other things she wants to consider.”

News has reached us via TVLine this week that Olivia Nikkanen (The Americans) and Izabela Vidovic (The Fosters) will be joining the cast as a young Alex and Kara respectively. Those were roles originally played by Jordan Mazarati and Malina Weissman in previous seasons of the show.

Mild spoilers for the episode ahead…

The two actresses will feature in a new season 3 episode entitled ‘Midvale’, where Alex and Kara go on a road trip to their hometown. There, they’re set to “relive a murder mystery from high school that shaped their relationship as we know it.” 


We discovered that the Legion Of Super-Heroes are finally coming to the DC TV superhero universe on the CW. Bollywood star Amy Jackson will make her US TV debut as Imra ‘Saturn Girl’ Ardeen in Supergirl season 3, and Saturn Girl will be a recurring character throughout the season.

Saturn Girl is a founding member of the Legion Of Super-Heroes, objectively the coolest team of heroes in the DC Universe. The Legion are a massive team of 31st Century superheroes who were inspired by the example of Superman and band together to defend Earth from all manner of menaces. While the Legion don’t have the massive pop culture profile of the Justice League or the Avengers, they absolutely should, and the Legion comics from the ’70s through the ’90s were some of the best things DC Comics were publishing. It’s a sprawling, sci-fi superhero ensemble book with endlessly inventive concepts.

Supergirl has teased Legion concepts more than once in its first two seasons. There’s a prominently displayed Legion flight ring in Superman’s Fortress Of Solitude, for starters. You can spot Interlac graffiti in the alien bar where everyone hangs out (Interlac is the official language of the future), and several Legion-centric alien races have shown up, including the villains of last year’s crossover event. We’ve spotted other Legion technology, like the Time Bubble on both The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow, too.

The writing was perhaps on the wall when it was announced earlier in the year that Maggie’s appearances in the third season of The CW’s Supergirl would be pared down, but now it has finally be confirmed that the actress who plays the character, Floriana Lima, will be leaving the show completely for new pastures.

Supergirl‘s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg announced the news in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly

“Unfortunately, Floriana decided to move on,” he said, before adding that “Maggie does not die. I’m sure a lot of people are afraid of that. Maggie will continue to exist in the world and if the opportunity presents itself for her, she’ll come back.”

At least the first five episodes of the new season will feature Lima in some capacity, so we might just get to hang on to our Alex and Maggie dreams until the year’s out.

Clerks and Tusk director Kevin Smith will definitely be back to helm the fifth episode of Supergirl‘s third season on The CW.

Smith announced his return over on Twitter, revealing a draft script written by Eric Carrasco and Cindy Lichtman…


He also confirmed that he was back in Vancouver where the show is filmed, so we can expect production on that episode to get underway imminently, if it hasn’t already started.

Smith previously directed two episodes of Supergirl‘s second season, Distant Sun and Supergirl Lives, so he’s no stranger to National City shenanigans.

Spoilers for episode 5 and 6 are coming up, so here’s your warning:

Alex and Maggie called it quits in ‘Damage,’ tonight’s Supergirl, ending their engagement over the realisation that, while Alex wants to be a mother, Maggie does not.

It was a heartbreaking moment for fans of Sanvers, a relationship that has gained a following in the LGBTQ community and beyond as a positive example of a queer relationship that doesn’t fall into harmful stereotypes.

Our US chums were amongst a group of reporters who visited the Supergirl set this week, and who talked to Chyler Leigh about the responsibility of telling Sanvers’ story, a narrative that has meant so much to so many, through their breakup.

“I want to make sure that people know that, regardless [of what happens with Sanvers], they’re loved and that they matter and that the story that they have to tell is just as important as the story we told on the show and that that continues for them as well,” said Leigh. “Nothing ends tonight.”

Leigh said she is proud of the story Supergirl has told with Alex’s coming out story and her relationship with Maggie.

“What we did, I feel, was pretty groundbreaking,” said Leigh, “and to have such a strong relationship, I feel, portrayed as well as we did, I think we did a very great justice to that storyline and for the community. The hope, honestly, is just that people can see what it was and celebrate that just as much as I do and I know Flo does, and really be able to grow from here and just see what comes next for Alex. That’s my hope.”

Leigh said that, in some ways, filming the episode felt like “a genuine breakup,” as actress Floriana Lima’s lack of availability spelled the end (at least for now) of the fan-favourite relationship. Leigh teased the tragedy of the Sanvers breakup, saying:

“Alex would never wish anything but the absolute best for Maggie and vice versa. That’s really where, I think, you kind of see what is most heartbreaking about the ending of their relationship is how much they love each other and how much they want the best for each other … It’s like you really see that the intention there is to allow them to be their best selves no matter what. I feel like we did a really good job with that.”

Kevin Smith directed tonight’s episode, and he, too, treated the Sanvers breakup with the seriousness it deserves. Traditionally, the actors’ read through involves the entire cast going through the script from top to bottom. Instead, with ‘Damage,’ Leigh and Lima read their scenes together separately, with executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Jessica Queller sitting in.

“[We] wanted to make sure that the words were right,” said Leigh, “[and] the intention was right and the heart behind was right. Either way, any way you roll the dice, it’s not going to be easy, and it’s something that everybody felt. “

When it came to filming, Smith decided to film all of the Sanvers scenes in one day, a choice that Leigh said she appreciated, but made for an emotional experience.

“It was a hell of a day,” she said. “It really was. But I really feel like, you know, we can only do our best with what we’re handed, right? And that goes with anything in life. And, in this case, because it was so deep and so heartfelt, the day, it was tough. It was. But it was also in a lot of ways, it’s not like an absolutely closure because no one ever knows exactly what’s going to happen.

Is there any hope for Sanvers in the future? 

“As of now, what we know is we got these five amazing episodes, based on availability,” said Leigh. “I know that just sounds like words, but it really does just come down to that. If [Floriana] can come back, I know we would all love to have that happen. So if she’s available, that would be fantastic. I don’t know what that would look like. I don’t know how that would incorporate, but that’s not my job. My job is to do the best with what has been handed to me.” 

For now, we are going to see a post-breakup Alex. What will that look like?

“Because of the significance of it, it’s not like you can sweep it under the rug, you know what I mean, and just try to be chipper and move on,” said Leigh. “At the same time, Alex has a very hard time of really dealing with things.”

Next week’s episode will see the Danvers sisters returning to their hometown of Midvale to visit their mother and nurse their broken hearts.

“With that, you kind of see Alex going back and really having to figure some stuff out,” said Leigh. “But that’s just the beginning of it. From there, I think in some ways we try to busy ourselves, right, and you sort of put things off a little bit.”

Leigh said it’s a “fine line” post-breakup because, while the show does not want to bring the entire tone of the show down, Sanvers was “an incredibly significant relationship” in Alex’s life. Ultimately, Leigh is happy with the balance they struck.

As was the case with Kara following the end of Kara and Mon-El’s relationship, Alex will draw comfort from her sister, with plenty of “ice cream, pizza and the couch scenes.”

“The great thing about the sister dynamic is that regardless of what circumstance they’re facing, they’re always going to be each other’s champion … And that was a big part of what Andrew [Kreisberg] talked to me initially about before we started the season is we really want to see that relationship come back as the heartbeat of the show.”

“So you do get to see a lot of that really, really sweet scenes with Melissa that I’m just gratefully appreciative of. She’s a sister. So it’s great. We always have fun regardless, whether we’re crying, laughing, or whatever it is.”

Moving forward, Leigh wants to let fans know that this isn’t the end of Alex’s journey as a queer woman. 

“It doesn’t mean that Alex isn’t still a lesbian. It doesn’t mean that Alex’s journey ends there. It means that this is a loss, but also a gain for herself and understanding who she is.”

“There’s still so much positivity,” continued Leigh, “and there’s still so much growth and so much freedom for so many people that came from this, that it’s going to continue on … I don’t want people to think that this is the end of something really, really significant and important. It is really just the beginning in a lot of ways. I hope people can really latch onto to that and hang onto that.”

Supergirl season 3 Reign

In the comics, Reign arrived on on Earth some time after Kara Zor-El, after realising that Krypton – and her creators – were no more.

Reign rampaged through New York, and tried to convince the Maiden of Might to join her in taking over the planet. That offer, as you’d expect, didn’t go down too well. It has also been teased that Reign isn’t the only Worldkiller in existence.

We’re excited to see how this arc will be adapted for the small screen, and what the chemistry between Odette Annable and Melissa Benoist will be like.

Sam (Odette Annable) will soon discover the extent of her powers as Reign this season.

“She has no idea that she is Reign; she has no idea that she was the baby in the pod at the end of last season,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg previously explained. “So the journey that she takes this season is watching her realise her heritage and see how it manifests.”

Looks pretty manifest-y in this newly-released image of the villain in question, wouldn’t you say?

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